About us!

Poverty, lack of education, employability of young people, climate
change, ….. we have many problems. 

There is however a limit to what
governments can achieve in our societies. As responsible citizens of a globalized world,we have to do somethings and we have the means to make change and decide the future.                    

More we are educated ,more we have force to act. 

Based on African Geostrategy and capacity building, our mission African Agency For International Cooperation and Development-AfricaAID
is to provide to youth the skills needed to change the structures to
long terms in order to contribute to sustainable development in their

Creating entrepreneur for change

To be the principal organisation who contribute to a fair globalisation ,Our members,the global entrepreneur for change community,identify community challenges, engage youth and partners around these projects.so that young people,stretch
out their capacity around different individual and collective
development projects., acquires solid expertise and discovers their
ability to make a difference in their community.

Making human potential, the levers of sustainable development .So we provide sustainable competences for the future.

We are the global community of entrepreneurs for change