Vision & Mission

Our Vision:

Making human potential, the levers of development in Africa and the world.

Our Mission:

based on African Geostrategy and capacity building, our
mission is to provide to youth the skills needed to change the
structures          to long terms in order to contribute to
sustainable       development in Africa and a fair globalization.

Creating entrepreneur for change!

Our principes, inspired by the Africa AID Creed, are based upon a belief in:

That human capital is the lever of any development;

That every man has the means to decide the change he wants;

The mobilization of social forces is essential to produce adequate responses to community challenges;

A collaborative and participatory approach is needed to accelerate the process of growth and development;

That citizen awareness and good governance provide a sustainable and harmonious development;

That the concern of social and environmental responsibility is the essence of a society more humane;

That investing in human development, it’s winning the bet of the future.

That positive change is possible, we are the change!